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Speaking Topics

If you’re not telling a story with your #contentmarketing you’re doing a pretty shitty job” via @ChadLedford #DIG2016
— @JessMilcetich

Multi-touch Attribution in the age of cross-device shopping

More consumer devices & more consumer touch points are now required to drive a transaction online.   This has lead to marketers inability to measure what interactions successfully lead to a transaction and how much credit (aka attribute) to give to each channel.  This can be solved.

The Commerce Marketers role is being replaced by machines - are you ready?

The role of the commerce marketer is going to be replaced by artificial intelligence and changing consumer behaviors before 2020.  Most digital marketers today are responsible for content generation + measurement + optimization.  No one enjoys logging into dashboards and figuring out how to optimize things.  The future marketer (mashup of CIO/CMO) will leverage AI to distribute, optimize, and analyze their brand message + story.  Said another way, you'll just need to tell a bot what you want to happen, instead of your intern/marketing coordinator/agency/etc.

Your Mobile Marketing is Bad and You Should Feel Bad

The most important screens are now the small ones. Mobile sales have more than doubled from 2013 to 2016 and mobile now accounts for 50% of all eCommerce traffic in 2016. Investing in mobile now will help you succeed tomorrow but it requires a change in mindset.

Mobile eCommerce + Social Commerce + Customer Engagement = A Better UX

What do mobile eCommerce, social commerce, and customer engagement have in common? When optimized correctly, they provide a better eCommerce user experience. 2016 eCommerce statistics have shown marketers how important a focus on each of these areas is lifting conversion rates, average order value (AOV), and average revenue per visitor (ARPV). Learn how to optimize in these areas in 2017.